OUR CURRENT PANDEMIC has left an unprecedented impact on our workplaces and schools. I am hoping my class, “Systemic Leadership,” can offer participants some value and relief by way of a user-ready take-away: The Systems Thinking RoundTable. Its most common format is a 30/30 RoundTable. That is: it lasts 30 minutes, and everyone present (about 30 people) is offered equal time to speak around their chosen topics. It can be used in physical or virtual rooms, by people age 10 to 100. After just a few sessions, the RoundTable is peer-run. The result is: employees, students, and others can use this tool for free online. See more about the RoundTable here.If you are interested, but cannot attend the “Systemic Leadership” class, contact us anyway. We want to help during these challenging times. Yours in service, Sue Gabriele


"Systemic Leadership and the Systems Thinking RoundTable"


• 3-Unit Course on Zoom, via Ashland University, information here
• 8 sessions held on Saturdays, each session lasts 3 & 1/2 hours
• Depending on time zone/student needs, sessions may start at 10 am (CA), 1 pm (NY), 6 pm (UK)
• Total cost is $400  (Option: Add $555 --or $185 a unit-- for graduate credit)


This 3-unit course takes you on a journey of discovery to “Systemic Leadership.”  Systemic leadership enhances current best theory and practice with systems thinking.  As a systems thinker, you can more confidently identify and use all the relevant information around you in your decision-making and action plans.  On our journey, we will clarify material cause vs. human cause.  Our evidence and examples will draw from general systems theory and relevant disciplines, including engineering, education, management, psychology, and more. This course also features the Systems Thinking RoundTable, designed to allow everyone present equal turns to share their views, and hear the views of all others around relevant topics.  Systemic practices and activities are offered for classrooms and meetings, held in small or large organizations. The course is of value to graduate students, engineers, teachers, managers, leaders, and anyone interested in being more effective, satisfied, and appreciated at work, and in their daily lives.


Here are links to the course overview, syllabus, and bibliography

Please contact Sue for next dates and times, with any questions, and/or to register. (sgabriele@gemslearning.net)