GEMS RoundTable

Do you need a boost to your meeting or classroom? An engaging new way to develop important topics or lessons, increase individual participation, and build community spirit? Consider adding a GEMS RoundTable and see the positive results!

The GEMS RoundTable is a 30-minute supplementary activity which provides a controlled environment to accelerate learning and cooperative communications. GEMS RoundTables afford participants:

  • equal time to present their ideas
  • real-time access to basic information
  • shared and rotating leadership
  • increasing respect for self and others
  • inclusion and diversity appreciation (e.g., a compelling antidote for bullying and harassment problems)

A GEMS RoundTable begins with 5 minutes of scripted readings and is followed by 25 minutes of discussion, with time divided equally among all in attendance. The format is flexible and perfect for:

  • Meetings - Suitable for groups of about 30 people, including workteams, departments, managers, faculty, PTA, and more. GEMS RoundTables help make your meetings more productive.
  • Classrooms - An easy and fun student-led activity cued by a Leader's Guide and Basic Readings, it improves student participation and leadership skills and increases access to the curriculum.
  • Staff Development - The GEMS Roundtable format is also excellent for staff development and planning. Its use fosters authentic communication and program ownership among all the staff without skimping on the agenda.

GEMS RoundTables have been implemented in dozens of schools. In addition, GEMS conducts daily RoundTables in the week-long annual conferences of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). A monthly session is held in Los Angeles hosted by the Association for Talent Development (ATDLA) and the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI-LA).

Read more about the GEMS RoundTable-- its benefits, delivery options, testimonials, competitive edge, and applications in the links on the left. See sample RoundTable templates. Contact us to find out more information and set up a demonstration in your environment!